Monday 20 March 2006

Project - CNC Mill Full Trial Assembly

This is the full trial assembly of the mill to date. A few things to note:

  • I still have machining to do, for example the holes for mounting the swarf guarding and limit switches need to be drilled and tapped. I need to disassemble to perform this machining because I don't want cast iron dust in the linear guides or ballscrews.

  • I intend to paint all the bare cast iron, as you can see from some of the shots on this page, there is already a red tinge to some of the parts.

  • The motors are all wired in to the controller and everything moves - I have not done much in the way of tuning yet (I will post a video as soon as I have one)

  • I have also done no serious work on alignment or testing accuracy I will do this on final assembly

Here is the current the progress shot. You can see:

  • The plates for mounting the swarf guarding in the process of being cut

  • The GoreTex swarf guarding itself sitting on the table

  • The motors are all connected and working


My #1 helper giving directions :-)



Close-up of X/Y carriage plate showing motor/bearing arrangement


Another close-up showing X and Y motor mounts.


Close-up of Z axis spindle mounting plate. You can see the red tinge blooming even after brushing on a coat of oil every so often. Fresh ground cast iron and oxygen don't mix.


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