Saturday 18 March 2006

7x14 MiniLathe Evolutions

....(or "from a sow's ear comes a silk purse...")

Picture from the rear showing:

  • The taper attachment - the bronze block rides on the shaft and the slotted plate is attached to the crossslide. The screw feed on the crossslide is disengaged and as the carriage moves so does the crossslide according to the angle set.

  • The cam-lock tailstock mod that I did

  • The 3 T-slots at the rear of the new crosslide

Top view of the new crossslide showing:

  • New compound slide

  • the lever (between the bed shears) for the cam carriage lock

  • The dial indicator attachement for reading out crossslide travel

  • Quick Change tool post

  • Carriage stop

View from the other side showing tool holder for QCTP.

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