Monday 8 September 2003

Taig Mill Arrives

Here are some pics of my new Taig Mill.

Taig mill from front - note the vice is 3" - wouldn't want to go any bigger, but 2" would be too small.

Motor is the same motor and speed control as found in the 7xMiniLathes - works a treat.

Pic 084

Close-up of motor and you can get an idea of the overhang of the vice from this shot.

Pic 096

Taig Lathe

Taig ( make a really nice little lathe.

Front on picture of Lathe. Note clear chip guard. Also replaced stock carriage feed stop with combination x-axis DRO with stop integrated. I made a quick change toolholder, but I am not happy with it and intend to make another when I get around to it.

The tailstock ram feed attachment is covered [here].

Sliding motor mount - tightened and loosened by screw. Got the idea off

Pic 091