Sunday 6 December 2009

Boiler dissappointment....then success!

The saga of the boiler continues.....

After soldering the top plate on, I find that I missed a bit between the shell and the top plate!! (sorry for the quality of the photo).

Easy to fix - just more flux and heat and we are ready for hydro testing. Here is the set up; a couple of hours at the lathe gives me a bunch of blanking plugs (where did I put the ones I used last time??). These and the judicious application of teflon tape gives me a good seal. I fill the boiler to the top and put the last plug in. Two strokes of the pump and I am up to over twice working pressure (30 psi).

The pressure holds at just under 80psi for over two hours until I get told to remove all the paraphernalia from the kitchen bench. I call this a successful hydro test. All I have to do now is make all the fittings.....

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