Monday 14 November 2005

Project - CNC Mill Bearing Blocks Part I

The bearing blocks are what we mount the bearings in to stop axial play in the ballscrew. We need one for each axis.


You can buy them, but they are mega expensive. I bought some angular contact bearings from eBay and decided to make my own blocks.

The blocks contain two opposing angular contact bearings separated by a small spacer - this allows them to be preloaded to stop axial play in the ballscrew.

Drawings can be found here.

I cut some rough size blocks on the bandsaw and I am facing them to size in the mill.


Heres what one looks like after it has been bored for the bearings on the lathe and faced to length. I am getting ready to drill the mounting holes and the holes for the bearing keep plate that screws to the front.


Finding the edges with an edge finder.


Holes drilled.


Back on to the lathe now - part is mounted on a stub mandrel for turning away the bits that don't look like a bearing block.


One down - two to go...


Stay tuned for the keep plates and final assembly.

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