Friday 7 October 2005

Project - Taig Lathe Tailstock Screw Feed

Drilling brass - what a pain. So I made this tailstock screw feed so I could drill without grabbing and measure distance a little more accurately.

Drawings available for this project here.

View from top.

  • Mounting plate is mounted to T-Slots on Tailstock

  • 1/2" CRS ways bar is screwed to mounting plate

  • Carriage slides on ways bar and has a small pin that fits into the pivot hole that the split pin goes into.

  • To remove the assembly to use lever feed is matter of removing the two screws that hold the ways bar to the mounting plate and lifting the whole assembly off.

Pic 089

View from slightly underneath. The pin can be seen protruding from the carriage block thru the lever and ram.

Pic 090

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